F | 1.5Y | 6lbs | Chihuahua | Georgia | Confident Indoors | LAP DOG | Obsessed with food | Learning to love the outdoors | Needs help potty training | Dog social | Not Cat/Kid Tested

This sassy little creature is COCONUT and what she lacks in size (6 lbs, what’s up?!) she DEFINITELY makes up for in personality. YOU GO GLEN COCO. COCONUT is medium energy for a Chi. She’s on a pretty regular schedule of play, nap, potty break, snack, repeat. Sounds like a pretty sweet gig and she’s diggin’ it so far. COCONUT is GREAT indoors – super adventurous, affectionate, playful, chill and quiet. Basically the perfect little pup! She's very human and dog friendly and is really loving her foster sister. COCONUT loves to snuggle up with people and dogs but also understands when you’re not in the mood. COCONUT is still learning to love the outdoors but she’s making progress every day. When she first arrived she wouldn’t walk more than a couple steps without freezing up and cowered if she passed anyone on the street. After a few short weeks she’s able to happily walk alongside her foster sister with confidence! With patience and proper guidance from her people this behaviour will continue to improve and she’ll be running the streets in no time! Because of her issues with being outside COCONUT is not currently potty trained. She will occasionally do her business outside but isn’t consistent and will more often than not go indoors. Again, with patience and proper guidance she should learn to go outside all of the time, especially as her confidence builds. COCONUT is little but man this girl can EAT! She wants everything and is all up in your grill while you eat, she likes pizza too ya know?! She’s working on her table manners and this needs to be reinforced by not feeding her people food. She’s also sneaky AF and can get into pretty much any garbage bin without a lid. She doesn’t really understand basic commands but will respond to COCO. She would be fine with older children and hasn’t been tested with cats. COCONUT is a sweet little lady and will make her new fam very happy. Fill out an adoption application