M | 1 Y | Egyptian Baladi | 40 lbs | Egypt | Medium Energy | Needs basic training | Needs a patient home | Apprehensive of men | Affectionate | Dog social | Ok with cats and older kids

Meet CHRYSLER! This guy is excited to be starting his new life in Canada and is looking for a fam to call his own. First and foremost CHRYSLER will need a patient home that will help him transition fromEgyptian street dog to pampered pet. Although he bares emotional and physical scars from his past life it’s clear that CHRYSLER has so much love to give and as his foster mama says, the first time to you see him do little things like wag his tail while in your care it’s a life changing experience. (k BRB, heart melting) CHRYSLER will need a home with a least one female that he can bond with as he initially avoided contact with males and is now slow to warm-up. He was apprehensive of the other dog in his foster home at first but warmed up after one night and they’re now inseparable. They spend all day playing with each other and are best buds. He would do well as a second dog as he loves having a playmate to show him the ropes. Overall CHRYSLER is medium energy and falls asleep really quickly when he’s done playing. At this time he’s still very scared of his leash and bolts when you try to put it on. Because of this he would do best in a home with a fenced yard where he can build his confidence. He’s nearly completely potty trained but has had a few accidents during thunderstorms as he finds them extremely stressful. CHRYSLER is startled by loud noises and quick movements. He will require basic training but responds extremely well to praise when he does something right. He gets so excited that his whole body wiggles. He’s timid but extremely affectionate and once he trusts you loves nothing more than cuddling up on the couch and planting a big, wet smooch right on ya! He’s great with other dogs and is fine with cats. He doesn’t like too much commotion so should only go to a home with older children. CHRYSLER is looking for a calm, patient owner!