F | 1Y | Min Pin mix | Texas | Low-Med energy | Napoleon Complex | Very affectionate | Fearless | Needs leash training | Needs more socialization w/ other dogs | Cats are becoming her friend | Fine with older kids

Meet our little CHIQUITA banana! This girl is a tough cookie - she ain't scared of nuthin' and isn't about to put up with any of your shizz. Napoleon complex or little dog syndrome definitely describes this girl. She's not shy about seeking out the biggest, baddest dog and the park and getting right up in his face. Overall she is good with other dogs but would benefit from more socialization. She's currently living with two bigger dogs and they get along well but she will growl or bark at them if she's just not in the mood. CHIQUITA is also living with a cat who she seems to be getting along better with now, but may still chase if it runs. With her people CHIQUITA is extremely affectionate and wants to be snuggled/pet/loved at all times and will grab your hand with her paws if you stop. She's pretty low energy and doesn't seem interested in long walks or anything. She should go outside every four hours or so to prevent any accidents indoors. She also shows some signs of separation anxiety so would prefer a home with people around most of the time. CHIQUITA absolutely LOVES playing with her toys, especially the kong that she stole from the cat. ‪#‎bully‬ She is NOT crate trained as she immediately turns into the Tasmanian devil. She is fine left alone in a larger open area blocked off by a baby gate or something. She is not good on leash and will need continued training with this as she barks constantly at dogs and pulls. She would love to be your apartment dog, lounging on your couch all day. She would be fine in a home with other chill animals and older kids who aren't too rowdy. She is also being treated for skin issues. If you'd like to meet CHIQUITA fill out an application to ADOPT her.