F | 7 Y | Chi | 5 lbs | Low energy | Super sweet and chill | Doesn’t like being alone | Cuddle champion | Good on leash | Good with dogs | Good with kids | Not cat tested

Do you belieeeveee in life after love?! UM YA OBV – MEET CHER! This little diva travelled all the way from Hollywood and tips the scales at a hefty 5 lbs. She’s teeny but definitely full of personality! CHER is super cute and really knows how to work the camera – we already have an extensive portfolio of glamour shots showing off her many poses and adorable freckles. Take note, Tyra Banks. CHER is low energy and doesn’t need much exercise, just a couple short walks! She does love rolling the grass so she definitely appreciates some outside time. She’s trained to use pee pads in the home but might have the occasional accident as she’s still getting settled. CHER has separation anxiety which she’s working on but ultimately would be happiest as a companion dog. She will definitely require patience and training going forward to help her overcome her separation anxiety to some degree, as she currently cries if you’re out of her sight. She does make a lot of noise when you leave the house so likely isn’t suited to apartment living. Otherwise she’s very quiet and rarely makes a peep. In the home she follows you everywhere and is a super chill lap dog. Her favourite activity is definitely cuddling and she’s verrryyyy good at it. CHER can be nervous in new situations but really loves her people. She comes when you call and is good on leash. She’s currently living with a couple other Chihuahuas (her homies) and is dog social. She’d also be good with kids who are gentle and understand her size. She hasn’t been tested with cats. If you’d like to meet CHER fill out an application.