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Cortney Blackburn


M | 10M | Doberman Cross | 40lbs | Dominican | Medium energy | Very affectionate | Timid | Clinger | Needs Socialization w Dogs/Humans | Needs ongoing support l Not tested with Cats/Kids | House trained | Rarely barks | Doesn't chew

Meet CHE – this dude is super affectionate and also kind of a weirdo. His favourite pastime is to sit as close as he possibly can to your face so he can stare lovingly into your eyes until he falls asleep. He also enjoys following you EVERYWHERE and jumping up onto your lap (the bathroom isn't even off limits!) CHE is a total lap dog and will climb up on you, limbs everywhere. He likes to put his paws on you and sometimes can be a bit rough because he doesn't know his own strength. He loves to jump all over you (and friends) when you get home but is working on being a bit more relaxed and copying his humans body language. In the home CHE is very content but he’s still getting used to the outside world and will need support to build his confidence. City noises are really freaking him out (he tends to tremble at busy intersections and bark at the neighbors) but has gotten SO good at going on walks in the city and is adjusting well).  Standing over him if he's scared tends to help calm him down. CHE is a very athletic dog and LOVES to run sprints at the dog park daily (30-45 mins). Sometimes he will literally be the fastest dog at the park leading the other dogs in sprints like a tiny Terry Crews running a bootcamp. He should be taken to the dog park by his owners as much as possible as it's truly his favourite thing to do to get rid of some energy. Although he’s VERY attached to his chosen humans CHE is apprehensive of new people and will need help with his socialization skills. Even when people visit his humans CHE spends the whole time giving them the old stink eye. He can warm up quickly but he's not the dog a stranger can pet on the street. CHE also needs socialization with other dogs as he’s very unsure of them and will bark/growl at certain dogs on the street (although at the dog park he loves almost all dogs and is very popular and friendly). That being said, he lived with 30 other dogs in the Dominican so it is likely due to him feeling unsettled in his surrounding and being on high alert! This is likely improve over time with guidance. CHE needs help with his leash skills in that he can sometimes just decide he no longer wants to walk and sit down and not move. That being said, he has improved SO much going for longer walks and exploring new areas and usually if you start running (or bring his chewy bone) he can be enticed anywhere. If he won't walk you can also pick him up and carry him (which he secretly loves) and he will usually start walking again. He won't squirm at all as he's very comfortable being touched. He also needs help with some basic commands but is pretty good at sit and giving a paw (should be continually practiced). He shouldn’t be off leash yet and should wear a harness to make sure he’s secure and settled. CHE hasn’t been tested with cats or kids but is super gentle and loving so could potentially be good with either with a proper introduction (potentially not smaller children because of his all-limb-clumsy-jumping habit which could be dangerous for small children). He displays no aggression and is happy to have his humans hug, belly rub, pet and cuddle with him constantly. CHE is looking for some nice humans that he can cuddle with as much as possible and follow around and a nice couch with lots of cushions to bury his bone in. If you’d like to meet CHE fill out an adoption application today