M | 1 Y | Australian Blue Heeler mix | 45 lbs | Very loyal | Loves attention | Needs a strong, confident owner | Needs training | Excitable | Good with dogs w/ proper intro | Cats ok | Kid Friendly

Meet CHANCE! After a bit of a rough start this handsome dude is sooo ready to be spoiled by the perfect fam. He’s a heeler cross so CHANCE is very smart and loyal. Once he develops trust in you he’s hooked and will want a lot of attention (belly rubzzz) and will give you lots in return. Relationship goals, amiright? He’s super happy just to be close with you, laying at your feet. Given his past CHANCE will definitely need training to help him build confidence and harness all the good qualities he already has. So far he’s been attending socialization and obedience training and has already shown improvements. His new fam must be committed to continuing with this, no exceptions. He will need a confident and assertive owner who will act as the alpha. If you’re too lax with CHANCE he’ll think he’s the boss and exhibit some poor behaviour/try to run your life. The good news is he’s young and adaptable so with the proper tools will be an AMAZING pup. He’s the perfect mix between energetic and chill – loves some good adventures but also knows how to relax like a champ. Get ready to be smothered in kisses! CHANCE can be nervous around new people and dogs so proper introductions are key and he likes to make the first move. Once he does he LOVES playing with his dog pals. He’s VERY excitable on leash and doesn’t always know how to act, but he’s working on it. He’s lived with other dogs and cats in the past and has been ok, again with proper introductions. He is kid friendly! Ready to give him a second CHANCE? Fill out an application.