M | 4 M | Chi Mix | 8lbs | LA | Low to Medium energy | SNUGGLES | Shy and Nervous | Smart but needs training | Not house trained | Loyal | Good with Kids | Dog and Cat Social

Meet CASPER the friendly puppy! This little cutie is very affectionate and is just looking for his own Christina Ricci to love him forever. Can I keep you? YUUUPPPPP. He may have a spooky name but there’s no need to be afraid of this little ghost, he just wants to snuggle up to you ALL THE TIME. In fact, CASPER is quite afraid of the outdoors still and can be nervous in new situations. Coming from a hoarding situation in LA he hasn’t really been exposed to much, so outside the comfort of his home is just plain scary. This means walks can be challenging and he’ll need a patient owner to help him overcome his fears. At the same time it’s important not to baby him and reinforce his fearful behaviours. If you do manage to walk him far enough from his home he proudly struts back like A BOSS so we know there’s a confident pup in there somewhere just waiting to shine. Inside the home CASPER loves people and would love if you hosted weekly brunch parties so he could go from lap to lap getting all the snuggles. You bring the mimosas, he’ll bring the love. He’s very affectionate and will make everyone in the room feel special but is always checking in with his person like is this ok mom?! CASPER is crate trained and working on his basic commands. He’s very smart and will do well with consistent training. He’s not very food motivated so training will again require some patience. He’s almost fully housetrained but still has the occasional accident, especially on beds. SO COMFY. He’s playful and loves fetch, but indoors only as he’s still working his way up to being outside. CASPER is a happy go lucky guy and is good with dogs, cats and kids.