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Ryan Megaffin



F | 6 Y | Mix | Mexico | 30 lbs | Chill | Low energy | Still Settling in l Gentle l Timid/Easily Started | Apartment dog | Miss Independent | Ok with Smaller Dogs l Not Kid/Cat Tested

CANELA has some serious manners. In the morning this girl will walk into your room and if she thinks you're still sleeping and will politely tip toe out and check back later. If she notices you're awake she'll enter your room to say what's up. Kinda sounds like the best roommate ever. Like many of our Mexican mutts CANELA is still getting used to her new life in Canada and taking in her surroundings. So far she seems like she's pretty easy to please and goes with the flow. You want to go for a walk? Sure. You want to not move from the couch for the next four hours? Sure. CANELA is an independent woman (shout out Destiny's Child!) and while she'll settle in to watch TV with with you she's not looking for constant attention. She's extremely quiet and hasn't made a peep since arriving. CANELA bonds quickly to her humans and is very friendly. She is however quite scared of new surroundings including new people and big dogs on the street, especially at night. She should NOT be off leash as she is a bit of a flight risk - especially if she's freaked out. She's ok to say hi to smaller dogs on walks but she's not overly interested. CANELA knows some basic commands, currently in Spanish so brush up on those skillzzz. She is not food motivated and is still learning to love her kibbles (where's the street meat at tho?!). Her appetite will likely improve as she begins to settle in more. CANELA would make a great apartment dog and we think this girl will continue to show more of her personality every day as she becomes more comfortable. She's not cat tested and probably shouldn't go to a home with young children. CANELA's looking for a chill home where people can show her that living in Canada is awesome. If you'd like to meet her fill out an adoption application