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M | 1 Y | Mexico | Mixed breed | Medium energy | Gentle giant | Timid | Not house trained | Needs a lot of attention | Dog social | Older children ok | Not cat tested

This big guy is as cute as a button so ya we named him BUTTONS, obvi. BUTTONS recently arrived from Mexico and is still adjusting to his new life. He’s super sweet but still breaking out of his shell and can be pretty timid and shy. So far his energy levels have been pretty low but we think he’ll enjoy more activity once he gets fully settled with his forever fam. He’s got some long, muscular legs that definitely look like they’re made for running! BUTTONS doesn’t really understand his size and is 100% in his awkward teenage stage. He mostly just walks around like a deer in headlights in the cutest possible way. He thinks he’s small so he doesn’t even realize he’s taking up your whole bed or your whole couch. If you think a big dog all up in your business most of the time is kind of intrusive BUTTONS might not be the dog for you as he definitely likes a lot of attention. He likes to be beside his foster mama at all times in the home and doesn’t really like when she leaves. He’s not overly destructive but would definitely prefer to have someone home more often than not. He’s not crate trained and is still working on house training so time and patience are key as he learns what it’s all about. BUTTONS is working on his leash skills but consistency will help him learn to stick to one side and more outside time will help him to become more comfortable. He’s currently spooked easily by loud noises. BUTTONS loves being outside so a home with a yard is ideal. He’s also extremely dog social and loves trips to the dog park. He hasn’t shown a prey drive so far so could potentially live with a cat. Because he doesn’t understand his size BUTTONS should only go to a home with older children. He really is a goofy, gentle giant! If you’d like to meet BUTTONS fill out an application