M | 1Y | Beagle mix | 25 lbs | Georgia | Chill in the home | Loves walks | Super friendly | Gives perfect hugs | Dog and Kid Social | Cat curious

BUDDY the dog, what’s your favourite colour?! K no joke this guy is basically the dog version of Buddy from the movie Elf. He’s friendly, excited for life, super loving and ready for his new adventure. Basically, he’s awesome. BUDDY would pretty much suit any home situation. He happily curls up at the foot of your bed, he chills when you do, and gives the best dog hugs where he nuzzles his head right into your arm. BUDDY gets so excited when you come home that he jumps around on his hind legs and can’t even handle it… he just loves you so much. He LOVES being pet but is too shy to make the first move so he’ll never ask you for it. BUDDY is very quiet in the home but will occasionally bark at passing dogs on the street. He will whine a bit when you leave the house ‘cause he’s going to miss you so much but nothing too serious. BUDDY loves his walks and gets so excited if you even go near his leash. He’s currently going on two long walks per day but he’d probably walk all day if you wanted to! He’s def a hound as his nose is always to the ground and he also wants to say what’s up to everyone he sees. He’s curious about everything! BUDDY is the perfect balance between chill and active and would do well in an apartment or a home. He doesn’t really understand the concept of fetch but just likes running around anyway. BUDDY is dog, cat and kid social and really just wants to be best buds with everyone. Don’t wait with this guy, if you’d like to meet BUDDY fill out an adoption application ASAP