Photo credit:
Lauren Passander


F | 8Y | Jack Russell/Beagle Mix | 30lbs | Georgia | Old soul | Independent l Just Awesome l Gentle | Dog Social | Likes routine | Good apartment dog | Kid and Cat Friendly

BRIE aka QUEEN Is ready for the spotlight. BRIE is the epitome of a southern belle, hailing straight from the peach state. She’s medium energy and is totally down for anything. Walks? Yup. Lounging around the house all day? Yup. You petting her for hours and telling her she’s beautiful? YUP. BRIE is happy to show her affection by being a little cuddle monster, jumping up on the couch with you to watch some toons or looking up at you while on walks as if to say “this is the best evvveerrrr!” BRIE is super chill and isn’t at all moody or bossy, just super loving and literally the sweetest dog ever!! BRIE does appreciate a routine and sometimes even needs to be woken up from her naps at night in order to go outside for a quick bathroom break before bed. BRIE is fine left alone for a working day but should be let out just before you leave and immediately when you get home. She typically goes out for a night-time walk and then puts herself to bed around 9:30 or 10 p.m. BRIE is great on leash and knows her basic commands but works best by reading your body language. When she sees you stop at a crosswalk she looks up and sits. She was attacked by a dog recently and now has a little edge to her (will stand up for herself#girlpower) because NO ONE puts BRIE in the corner. Dental hygiene is super important for our canine pals and BRIE’s teeth have been neglected for a while so her humans should be fully committed to brushing going forward. BRIE is very affectionate and loving and pretty much wins anyone!! She makes everyone feel like they are the one, smiling from ear to ear. SHY?! HA. BRIE would fit in with any home or apartment environment. Shes great on car rides on TTC, etc!She’s great with other dogs PLUS she’s proven to be equally great with cats and kids. Um, BRIE sounds perfect! YAAAAS QUEEN B! She has spent most of her life living solely outside and we are looking to find her a home where she is part of the family.