2Y l 60lbs l Boxer Mix l High Energy l Companion l Active Lifestyle l Dog Social l Not Kid/Cat Tested l Separation Anxiety

Having fun isn't hard, when you've got a library card! Meet BOOKS! This dude is excited about life and is literally bouncing off the walls as we speak! He is ready for an active lifestyle. He is currently being fostered in a smaller apartment and could totally use a bit more space. He's very playful and chase his tail in circles until he will knocks over that really awesome flower pot that you will never be able to replace. He is very puppy like and will kiss you without control cause BOIII does he not have trust issues #stagefiveclinger Although he is a little apprehensive with SOME new faces, he is generally happy to meet all your friends, as long as it isn't competition for his favourite spot on the couch. Cause like, it shapes his butt perfectly. He is potty trained and knows the basics. He's pretty well behaved and if he gets a little too playful will listen well to 'stop'. He will calm right down and wait for the next task. He is crate trained and will go in independently as long as you promise his fav treat. He pulls on a leash and is a strong dude but nothing that can't be fixed with consistency and correction. He's not too interested in other animals but wait what is that thing I forgot to smell? Yeah. The beauty in this guy is total in his hazel eyes, beautiful coat and sweet temperament. He has some separation anxiety as he was surrendered to SOS from a man that was constantly with him. He's not used to being a lone and will bark. For this reason, a condo or apartment is probably not the best option unless his furever home has a flexible schedule. With some patience and guidance, he will make someone very happy, just as happy as him!