M | 5 M | Chi mix | 10 lbs | LA | Medium energy | Shy at first | Very affectionate | Apartment dog | Needs training | Chewer | Dog social | Not cat or kid tested

Heeyyyy BOO. Meet the next member of our LA Chi pack up for adoption. BOO is a sweet boy and is definitely suited to apartment living. He’s medium energy so as long as he gets some good exercise each day he’s cool. He’s small and relatively quiet in the home, only letting out a little bark or two if he hears a noise in the hallway, cause you know… scary guard dog. He can very shy at first especially around other dogs. He gets nervous when approached by other dogs on walks, especially the big guys, but eventually his curiosity sets in and he’s able to greet the dog without any issues. At home he’s much more comfortable and is currently living with another dog. With his people he’s extremely affectionate and is a total lap dog. #bugaboo He has a face that makes you want to say yes to pretty much anything and snuggle him all day long. With routine and more exposure we hope this little guy will become more confident and start to explore everything the world has to offer.BOO is a puppy still and requires work across the board with training. He doesn’t really know his name (so you can pretty much call him whatever you want) but does respond to tone and body language. He’s almost perfected his use of pee pads in the home and rarely has accidents. He doesn’t really understand basic commands but is crate trained and good on leash. We’d love an adoptive home who will continue to show BOO the ropes, possibly taking him to work, attending basic obedience, etc. He’s not cat or kid tested. Fill out an application to adopt