Zack Morris

Photo credit: 
Lauren Barless 


9 Months l M l Mexican Malix (mutt) l Very Playful/High Energy l Needs Training l Dog Social 

Who is swooning over this little heartthrob ZACK MORRIS, with his golden sun kissed hair and puppy dog eyes! He was saved by the bell (get it?!?!) in Mexico and is now happily living in Toronto. ZACK MORRIS is still a puppy so he’s very energetic/playful and still has some basic skillzz to learn to help him be the best he can be. But underneath that energetic energy that gets all the ladies, ZACH MORRIS is a total sweetheart and is just the most loving guy! He’s great with other dogs and just wants to play, running and chasing the big dogs at the park until he’s had enough and just observes from the sidelines. He would love a doggy sibling, someone to coach/chill with him. He’ll bark at other dogs when he wants to play or if he hears loud noises in the home. He definitely LOVES his humans and wants you to play with him until you’re both absolutely exhausted. He loves fetch and will bring his ball back to you… most of the time. ZACK MORRIS has bursts of high energy where he just needs to chew something IMMEDIATELY so having a packed toy bin for him is a good idea or else he will chew you. Also, puppy peanut butter is his fav, so give that to gim and he is under your spell! He gets extremely excited for walks and currently has the tendency to jump up on EVERYONE because he’s just so happy to meet you. His leash skills need work but he is improving every day. He is potty and crate trained but will need help with basic commands although he’s mastered sit. Since he can unintentionally get a little nippy during play time ZACK MORRIS should only go to a home with older children with dog experience. ZACK MORRIS is looking for a furever home that will help him harness his energy and excitement. He is verryyy affectionate and will make an excellent companion. If you can be his Kelly Kapowski fill out an adoption application