M | 1 Y | Australian Terrier Mix | LA | Medium energy | Funny and loving | Shy at first | Listens well | Needs training | Apartment dog | Good with dogs | Not cat or kid tested

Putting the scruff back in Save Our Scruff – meet BOBBY! This wire haired guy is cute as heck and has a shining personality to match his good looks. BOBBY is funny and affectionate and just loves… well LOVE. He may be shy at first but warms up very quickly. He wants to be up close and personal with his people at all times and has zero sense of personal space. He’s like your lap is my lap and I will snuggle up on you whenever I please, thanks bye. BOBBY would be fine in a house or a condo and could live with or without another dog. He’s medium energy and appreciates a good walk per day with bathroom breaks. His leash skills are good but he occasionally gets nervous when meeting new people or dogs while on walks. If he gets nervous he will bark but is otherwise a very quiet pup. His manners are pretty good and his foster even took the time to put together a report card for him. House training: A, but may still mark in new places. #mine Basics like come, sit and stay: B+, cause he’s a smart cookie. Crate training: A, so like basically on the honour roll. BOBBY listens very well and it’s clear he wants to please his people so he would definitely benefit from someone who is willing to continue with his training. He loves his people but will not hesitate to put himself to bed in his crate when he’s just over it. He loves food and also does very well in the car, meaning he legit falls asleep in four seconds. He’s good when meeting other dogs but hasn’t been tested with cats or kids.