BLUE l 5M l 35lbs l Lab/Husky Mix l PUPPYYYYY l Medium Energy l LAP DOG l Great Second Dog l Outgoing Active l Separation Anxiety l LOVES dogsl l Kid Social l Not Good w Cats l Barks

Meet everyone’s new best friend BLUE! He is an energetic puppy looking for as may Tinder dates as possible, human.. dog.. whatever! He is a courageous and curious pup that is ready for the world around him. He will need someone who has time and patience to work with puppies. He is very excitable and will need to be shown boundaries.. but it will all be worth it by the amount of cuddles and kisses you will receive. Lap dog? YES. He has some separation anxiety that he is working on with at his fosters but we think he would be best suited for a home with another young/energy filled pup that can keep him company and tire him out day to day. That or someone home a bunch or a family willing to bring him to a day school like @unleashedinthecity He is totally a suck and although loves playing with other puos, would much rather be laying on your chest all day. He is a doll to have around and is a great companion. He is house and crate trained but is going through his teething stage. His fav thing ever is to meet new pals so dog parks.. uh, yes. Side note: BLUE was surrendered to us because he was NOT good with the family cat. If you love his personality as much as his beautiful BLUE eyes, apply to adopt him