3Y l Smooth Collie Mix l 43lbs l Low Energy l Chilllllll l Lap Dog l Super Human/Dog Friendly l Likely good with Kids/Cats

Meet ROKO! Another lover from Texas.. ROKO is pretty much obsessed with life and second chances. He is a 3 year old Smooth Collie Mix weighing in at a delicate 43lbs! This dude is the happiest about all the things! ROKO was like 'k Ill be fearful for 3 minutes so that you give me treats and attention and then starting stealing our beds and your own dogs as my best friends'. He has low energy and likes chillin' like a villin'. He's a sucker for cuddles and is always down for some attention. He is pretty great with strangers bc he KNOWS he will get love, at least that's what he heard about Canadians. He needs a walk or two daily but otherwise is not that active. He is dog social and likely cat/kid social -- letting anyone steal his toys, pull at his ears or use him as a pillow. He has almost mastered his potty-training but just needs to understand and settle into a routine! He is good on a leash and is learning the basics. He would be great with a second dog as he is super social! His tail is always wagging when he is in and around companions so a constant partner in crime would be fun for him. He is also great home alone and is crate trained. Apartment or house will not matter for applicants as he chill enough for anything. Either way he will be sitting on your lap so space isn't a big concern. ROKO is available for adoption (currently in Toronto) and is waiting for YOUR application! Get at him by filling out a ADOPTION.