Betty White


F | 2 Y | Boxer Cross | 50 lbs | Montreal | Medium Energy | Very Affectionate | Doesn’t like being alone | Needs to be the only dog | NO cats | Good with kids

Meet BETTY WHITE, and ya she’s hilarious! Other than cracking jokes, she excels at being house trained, doing fun tricks and being a great listener to her closest peeps. This girl is really just a big suck but will need an awesome owner to really help her shine.  BETTY is super affectionate and wants to be with her humans as much as possible. She loves to be the little spoon and whether you’re sitting or lying down she will absolutely park that 50 lb booty right on top of you. She cares about your well being and if you sneeze she’ll immediately stop whatever she’s doing to come make sure you’re ok. Her tail is absolutely out of control when she’s excited and she can go from zero (napping) to 100 (playing) real quick. BETTY is medium energy and will need someone who can give a couple short walks daily- which will also help make sure she’s not bored in the house. Currently, she is nervous/ reactive around dogs so she needs to be the only child but she can be around other dogs with a proper introduction. Also, cats are a big 'oh hell naw' for her. She is however very gentle with humans and would be fine with other kids. If you’d like to meet BETTY WHITE fill out an application.