M | 1 Y | Dachshund mix | 13 lbs | Mexico | Very playful | Energetic | Curious l Gentle | Needs training | Affectionate | Awkwardly adorable | Good with dogs | Good with kids | Not cat tested

This cute little button is BETO from Mexico – he’s part deer with his long legs and part Tina Turner with his crazy hair. BETO is still young and is FULL of puppy energy and playfulness. He’s curious about everything and needs a lot of attention. He’s very affectionate with his people, but not in the let me snuggle peacefully with you on the couch kinda way. Definitely in the I’m going to squirm around in your lap, crawl all over you and try to give you A MILLION KISSES kinda way. That being said, he is very gentle, just part snake. BETO is good with other dogs but doesn’t always respect social cues – he just wants to play all the time and doesn’t understand when enough is enough. He’s curious and happy when meeting other dogs but occasionally tries to get a little ‘frisky’ which typically isn’t received well. He needs to work on his social skills but ultimately would love another playful, energetic, dog social pup in the home. He can be a little shy with people in public but warms up quickly to visitors in the home. He would be ok in a home with kids as long as they respect his size. He’s a pretty adaptable pup and would be ok in most homes. He’s working on basic training including house training but is pretty well behaved. He would love to go kick butt in obedience classes. He hasn’t quite figured out his long legs and will occasionally trip or get one caught behind his head. He does love to stretch his front and back legs out and wiggle around like a snake. Totally normal. He is great on a leash and rarely barks (unless he wants to play). If you’d like to meet this little cutie fill out an application to meet BETO!