1 l M l 40lbs l Brittany Spaniel l High Activity l Medium Energy l Lover of everything l Needs basic training l Dog Social l Cats are meh l Not tested with Kids 

We've got Spaniel fever! Meet our new dude BENJI! Our first rescue from Sint Maartan, BENJI is excited to be here and to find his furever home! He is a 1 year old Brittany Spaniel, weighing in at about 35-40lbs. BENJI settled in pretty quickly and is already fully trusting his foster! He is very excited and happy! He has medium energy most of the time but has spurts of energy indoors/outdoors. He loves to run, play fetch and meet new friends! BENJI is in the process of learning basic commands and responds well to firm vocal commands, hand signals and whistles. He currently has the luxury of at least 3 walks per day and this definitely makes him a better companion and cuddle buddy in the home. Spaniels in general are pretty high energy and require stimulation! BENJI is crate-trained and is fine home alone during the day. He barks rarely and can make due in a apartment, condo or home. For him, it's more about what you are willing to put into your relationship via exercise, party time and activity level. He is currently co-habitating with a cat and has not been tested with kids! He'd love to seek adventure with you so if he matches your POF restrictions then fill out an adoption application.