F | 6 Y | Old English Bulldog | Medium energy | LOVES her people | Loves attention | CUDDLE MONSTER l Playful and silly | Likes structure | Will need a patient owner | Only child – absolutely no dogs, cats, kids

BELLA the bulldog is the definition of special. This girl has been through A LOT in life and she’s faced many challenges. Despite everything she’s been through this girl is super excited about her second chance and absolutely LOVES people. After a proper introduction any person will immediately have a friend for life in BELLA and it won’t be long before she’s demanding your attention like the diva that she is. Prior to coming into our care BELLA was a breeding dog and has many litters of puppies. As such she has a very strong desire to protect what she believes is hers (like food and other resources) and she does not trust other dogs. She’s a fighter because that’s all she’s ever known. These behaviours are deep rooted and she MUST be the only animal in the home. She is not a candidate for off leash dog parks or anything like that. She’s a true lone rider. She also has a very high prey drive and will make every attempt to go after cats and other smaller animals. She is a completely different dog with people she loves and trusts. She’s a true spa girl and belly rubs, massages and nail clippings are her fave. She also loves playing fetch/soccer/any other game with a ball as well as swimming! BELLA needs to go to a home with a backyard so she can let out some of her playful energy. It’s very important that she gets physical and mental stimulation because then she will be your perfect girl talk buddy, cuddled beside you listening to your stressful work day. She also loves car rides and is a perfect lil angel in the backseat of any road trip or Timmies run. She’s actually very well-mannered in the home but will need a firm yet gentle owner to ensure she follows the rules. She knows basic commands and loves her crate. Physically and mentally she’s still recovering from her past and will need a patient and loving adopter to help her fully realize everything that life can offer her. She should not go to a home with children. BELLA has SO much to offer the right home and all she’s asking for is love in return. Please fill out an adoption application and the next step will be meeting her!