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Brittney Teasdale


F | 5 Y | Terrier Mix | 40lbs | Egypt | Needs experienced owner | Strong willed | Barker | VERY affectionate | Good with some dogs | Questionable cats | Ok with kids

Meet BELLA! This Egyptian princess is fresh outta rehab and is now ready for an experienced furever home! BELLA was initially rescued from Egypt with the intent of being a second dog but upon arrival the family discovered that BELLA was bullying the other dog in the home and was also very leashaggressive. SOS has sponsored BELLA’s time in training and she’s now in foster care showing off her skills! BELLA is a typical terrier and is strong willed and stubborn (‪#‎princess‬) She knows all her basic commands but likes to pretend like she doesn’t hear you (especially when you ask her to get up in the morn) She’ll need someone who is firm and asserts control in these situations. BELLA is house broken/ crate trained. BELLA’s energy level is moderate – she enjoys a good walk and being outdoors but in the home she’s super chill and is happy to curl up on the couch. BELLA loves the afternoon sunshine and is happy lounging with you in the backyard. She’s very vocal and if she hears anything she’ll let you know so she’s not suited to apartment living. BELLA absolutely LOVES her people and is super affectionate. She loves to give kisses and her tail wags so hard you'll think she's twerking! BELLA has made substantial progress with other dogs but still has some work to do. It’s possible that she could live with another dog but this should be tested first and she should always have a proper introduction. The best thing to do is take both dogs for a walk together immediately and slowly close the gap between BELLA and the other dog as they start to get more comfortable with each other. Since she’s still 50/50 with other dogs BELLA isn’t ready for leash free but appreciates a good wrestle session with another dog that she’s comfortable with in a private area. Meeting other dogs on leash is still stressful for her and will require patience and ongoing training. BELLA is ok with chill cats and dog experienced kids