3 l F l 50lbs l Egyptian Baladi l Low-Medium Energy l Super Loyal l Your Shadow l Shy l Dog Social l Not Kid/Cat Tested

Guys, meet BEESA – another one of our Egyptian Baladis now living life in the six. BEESA is super sweet/loyal/snuggly and loves her people. She gets SO excited to see you and her tail wags so hard that her whole body shakes. Twerk skills on point. BEESA is a creature of habit and definitely follows the lead of her humans. She literally wants to be just like you and is one step away from stealing your identity. She’s currently low to medium energy but might become more energetic if her furever home is fairly active. BEESA can be a little shy when it comes to new sights and sounds but settles in once she trusts that you're not making her do anything crazy. She’s mostly potty and crate trained and is very interested in listening to basic commands as long as treats are involved. She’s protective of what’s hers – including her humans and her treats. She’ll alert you (bark) when something is happening around HER house and guard the door to make sure unwanted guests don’t crash HER party. She’s pretty good at the dog park unless another dog shows interest in HER treats in which case she growls a bit to tell them to back off because she wants ALL THE TREATS. She’s super smart/food motivated and would benefit from some basic training. She would love a furever home with people home most of the time as she just wants to be your shadow and get all the hugs/kisses/treats/snuggles. She’s not cat or kid tested. If you want to spend your days snuggling with BEESA fill out an adoption application!