F | 8 Y | Egyptian Baladi | Egypt | Low energy | VERY shy at first | A total sweetheart | Quiet home | Chill | Needs VERY patient owners | Best as a second dog | Older kids only | Not cat tested

It’s time to officially meet our sweet senior from Egypt – AZIZA! We posted about AZIZA before as she’s a bit of a special case and spent some extra time in foster care. After LOTS of love and patience from her amazing fosters we think she’s ready to meet her furever people. The progress that she’s made has been amazing and she really does open up more and more each day. AZIZA is very shy and nervous in new situations and when meeting new people. Once she develops trust in you, which can take a while, she loves to follow you around the house and likes to nap in the same room as you. We’re not saying you HAVE to have a bed in each room just for her but it would be pretty sweet if you did. She doesn’t let people she just met move right in for pets and you have to work for her affection but it’s sooo worth it when she lets you rub that belly for the first time, trust us. She’s well behaved in the home – quiet and doesn’t get into anything she shouldn’t. She is currently living with another dog and she loves him so much. They can often be found licking each other’s faces or even playing sometimes which is huge for her. She would definitely do best as a second dog to help build her confidence. She’s getting better with city noises but is still pretty afraid of traffic, trucks, loud noises, etc. She would do best in a quiet home and an environment outside the city would be even better. She’s low energy overall but doesn’t do quick bathroom breaks – she needs to walk for a bit before she feels comfortable enough to do her bizness. She shouldn’t go to a home with young kids and she hasn’t been tested with cats. We’re looking for the perfect (VERY patient) home to help AZIZA become even more confident and realize all the great things her new life brings. This is definitely why we rescue.