F l 1Y l 45lbs l Border Collie Mix l VERY High Energy l Needs Stimulation l 4+ hours exercise daily l Spunky/Fun/Outgoing l Dog Social l Not tested w Cats (shows prey drive) l Good w Kids on leash/needs more experience l Smart

Looking for a spunky best friend who is easily distracted, high energy, tons of fun and LOVES games, mental stimulation... And need I say more? Yes? MEET ARROW! Just like her name, she is moving FAST and hopefully in a direction of a furever home! She loves and is curious of everything in the world. Sit, run, squirrel, toy, food, new friend, nap, repeat. True to her border collie mixing, she is high energy and ready to herd her new family into gear. ARROW has sat back long enough and let others live the 'adoptive life' but now its her turn. She is ready to impress her new home with back kicks, new tricks and anything else she thinks will impress them (okay fine sometimes she gets bossy but like that back flip was a 10/10 not a 9/10.. What were you thinking?). ARROW is ready to play with you, dog mates (sometimes too tough for smalls), or a leaf for as many hours as you will dedicate to her! But hopefully you can dedicate A LOT cause she currently gets about 4+ hours of exercise a day and is still WIRED. Who's ready for agility classes.. THIS GIRL! She is not your Stranger Things marathon kind of partner, unless you've really worked her that day. ARROW would much rather deliver you a beer or build her own dog house. 4 hours a day of exercise plus mental games would be prime! She is well mannered and looking for someone to continue to coach her to success! She loves and is great at walking, can sit before a meal and would love if you could expect even more for her! We'd love to see ARROW in a home with lots of outlets for her to be stimulated. Whether it's morning runs, midday dog walker followed by late dog park excursions or visiting @unleashedinthecity for a fun day working out that bod. She is ready to jump into your arms if you think she'd be the one!