Photo credit:
Tishan Baldeo
instagram: @tishtish_tish


8 l M l 28lbs l Westie-Poo l CHILL l Dog Social l Loves People l Good Apartment Dog

Guys meet ANGUS an 8 year old Westie Poo! ANGUS kind of reminds us of a grandpa who is like super chill but then gets excited when his grandkids come over and breaks out all of his stories over tea and cookies. Everyone loves a good grandpa story, am I right?!

Overall ANGUS is low energy but gets excited when meeting new pals – both dog and human kind. He’s pretty independent but also loves just sitting near his people. When you’re settling in for a night of Netflix ANGUS is just pumped to snuggle on your lap.

He’s quiet and won’t bark in the house or ask you a million questions during the movie so he would be well suited for apartment living. He’s house broken and will let you know when he needs to go outside.

He LOVES walks but just a quick tour around the block is enough and he does not care for rain – who does though? ANGUS is looking for a quiet family just as chill as he is. He does have allergies and we've run tests to rule out anything too serious, and it's looking most likely to an environmental allergy. If you want to spend your days eating cookies and listening to ANGUS tell stories about the way things used to be get at us by filling out an application.