M | 2 Y | 50 lbs | American Bulldog Mix | Texas | A big suck | A little nervous | Affectionate | Needs basic training | Very dog social | Not tested with cats | No young kids

This is ANDERSON and he might be the biggest suck we’ve ever had! ANDERSON has perfected his puppy dog eyes and they pretty much work every time. He LOVES his humans and he’s very affectionate. He frequently comes up to you to rest his chin on your knee to remind you he loves you. ANDERSON is medium energy – he loves his outdoor time and walks but is super chill in the home. He’d probably enjoy a good jog with you but is equally content to stroll along at a leisurely pace. He has pretty good leash skills but will occasionally zigzag, especially when he’s nervous. Loud noises still tend to make him a little nervous. At home ANDERSON enjoys napping on the couch or on top of you. He’d likely do well in an apartment or a home as long as he’s properly exercised. He’s potty trained and generally well mannered. He’s currently working on his basic commands but would benefit from more training. When he gets excited he will give you little love bites on your hands but he’s learning to stop. Because of this he’d be best suited to a home with older children. ANDERSON is very dog social and would do extremely well as a second dog. He’s bonded with his dog brother at his foster home and often looks to him for guidance and comfort. He’s also been great with dogs he’s met at the park and is very well mannered – knows when to play and knows when to give them space. ANDERSON is intrigued by both squirrels and cats but wouldn’t know what to do if he ever caught up with either of them! He’s definitely a lover, not a fighter. He's currently recovering from kennel cough and a skin condition but doing very well! ANDERSON is very trusting and has so much love to give. If you’d like to meet him fill out an application

Note: Anderson is being treated for a skin condition and kennel cough