M | Shiba Inu/Husky | 5 Y | Medium energy | Gentle and quiet | Cuddle monster | Very smart | Can be stubborn | Good with other dogs | Good with kids | Questionable with cats

When you’re soooo good looking and you know it. Meet AKIRA! People all over Toronto are drawn to this handsome guy and we know you will be too. #swag AKIRA is medium energy and as long as he’s properly exercised he could totally be an apartment dog. He definitely LOVES walks and will perk up immediately when you say the word, running to the door to sit and wait while you put your shoes on but once you’re home he is totally chill. He’s very polite and doesn’t get into anything he shouldn’t. He’ll go to town on a bullystick though because he knows those are DEF his. He also never barks or begs for food. He’s so quiet that you sometimes even forget he’s there. AKIRA can be a little shy at first but it doesn’t take him long to warm up to people and then it’s just a big lovefest. AKIRA loves belly rubs and snuggles and people love complimenting his beauty and temperament. He does have some typical traits of his breeds and will occasionally be aloof and independent, just wanting to chill out on the couch alone. He is VERY smart and knows all basic commands but will challenge his boundaries and pretend like he doesn’t hear you. He never gets angry, he’s just stubborn and wants to know what’s in it for him. If it’s food or walks HE IS DOWN. Just looking out for number one, yo… but if you’re firm with him he will listen. He’s good on leash and is house trained. AKIRA has a VERY high prey drive so shouldn’t be off leash in open areas and likely shouldn’t go to a home with cats. He’s cool with other dogs (bigger is better) and fine with kids! Ready to meet this heartthrob? Fill out an application.