M | 2 Y | Husky | Montreal | High Energy l Affectionate/Loving | Submissive | Dog social | No cats | Fine with older kids

Meet AKELA! This pup is very typical of the husky breed and needs a lot of physical and mental stimulation to keep him happy. He’s also extremely affectionate so will require frequent belly rubs. AKELA is a high energy pup and will require some exercise. If you’re looking for a jogging partner or want to hang out at the dog park for hours while he runs around like a lunatic with his new friends then he’s definitely your man. AKELA is definitely a flight risk though and has shown zero recall so far so he should only be off leash in a fully enclosed, secure area. He’s not at all interested in fetch or toys so the only real way for him to burn off energy is running. The benefit of keeping AKELA properly exercised is that he’s super chill in the home and will pass out almost immediately. He’s extremely friendly, gentle and affectionate with humans and loves meeting new people. He’s good on leash but will require ongoing training to make sure he doesn't start pulling again. He has a high prey drive and will attempt to chase squirrels/bird/rabbits unless you divert his attention. Although AKELA does although know the basics... when there aren't fun things going on around him. SQUIRREL! AKELA is crate trained and although doesn’t like going in at first he’s fine to stay in his crate during the day. He’s quiet in the home and barks only as a form of play. AKELA is dog friendly and has a very submissive temperament. He’s learning how to play and socialize with other dogs and seems to love it! He only really freaks out when he catches a glimpse of lights shining off a metallic surface or of his own reflection because he’s SOOO GOOD LOOKING. He’s very food motivated and will get into anything he can find. AKELA probably shouldn’t live with any cats (prey drive) and would be fine with older children. If you’d like to meet AKELA fill out an adoption application