F | 3 Y | Shepherd Mix | 50 lbs | Georgia | Active | Likes Adventure | Affectionate | Dog social | LOVES kids | Not cat tested

PEBBLES is an absolute angel. She’s basically the dog version of a Disney princess with stunning good looks, the sweetest disposition and a forest full of woodland pals to sing along with every day. PEBBLES just recently arrived from Georgia but it already seems like she’s been living here forever. She’s not at all apprehensive of her new surroundings and is down to explore anywhere, anytime. She’s very laid back in the home but gets extremely excited for walks and enjoys at least a half hour in the morning and an hour in the evening. PEBBLES would prefer a home with a yard and she loves to chase her ball around, especially if it squeaks! PEBBLES is currently living with two dogs and is extremely dog social (cuddles all around). She is very smart and food motivated and is working on perfecting some basic commands. She’s potty trained and overall very polite in the home although may chew certain things (like leashes) if they’re left out. If there are no temptations laying around she’ll happily stick with bones and toys. Her new fam should also watch her closely while the front door is open as she loves exploring SO MUCH that she may try to sneak out way past curfew. PEBBLES is very affectionate with people and greets them all the same – with a ladylike bow before rolling over and demanding a full on belly rub. She often creeps in for a gentle hug before you know it and also greets you every morning with a kiss on your nose. She’s not too demanding though and is happy to curl up in her dog bed as long as she’s close to you. PEBBLES LOVES KIDS! She’s been introduced to young children and doesn’t get too excited, is very gentle and immediately gets down to their level so they can pet her. She hasn’t been tested with cats. PEBBLES would be an absolutely amazing family dog – the kind that kids (and parents!!) can have endless adventures with. If you’d like to meet PEBBLES fill out an adoption application today!