Meet WINNIE! She is a recent rescue from Northern Quebec and boy is she a cute little bear! She is a Labrador/Husky mix, is approximately 2 years old and weighs about 35lbs max. She was initially timid when settling into her foster but she is warming up well and starting to be curious (while still nervous). She has made herself at home with a bundle of blankets she uses as her little nest and is comfortable enough to seek out interactions and warms up within minutes. She likes to get attention in all forms -- meeting new humans and puppies as long as they are friendly towards her as well. She is submissive and other than a little interest in pulling towards cats on her walk, she is very adaptable in her Toronto adventures thus far. She is getting more familiar with the sounds and action in Toronto but very much enjoys prancing around the neighbourhood. She is learning to walk on a leash and although being quite uncoordinated at first, she has shown a lot of improvements! She is medium energy and is not particularly interested in being an active person's dog. She likes her walks but is not so much interested in running extensively. For example, she likes to fetch but will take her time to bring the ball back -- cantering her way to and from. She needs training in terms of basic commands, manners (not mooching), housetraining and just getting the swing of being a pet! This little bear is currently shedding like crazy so take into consideration the possibility of allergies! She is very affectionate and loves to be pet and snuggled. She can be a bit shy but if you show her some love, she'll let you in.