Willie Nelson

M | 10 wks | lab/hound mixes | alabama | needs puppy basic training

We have a treat for you! Meet Willie Nelson. This boy is a 10 week old lab/hound mixes, recently rescued from Alabama. He loves everyone and everything, especially LEAVES. If your backyard is full of leaves then it is likely that you are the family for him! He will need ALL basic training including manners, potty training, leash skills, etc! He needs constant care and are currently living in 3-4 hr cycles: wake up, go outside/go to the bathroom, play, nap, repeat. Living the dream right? They are currently in BURLINGTON! Hear that.. BURLINGTON. He will go fast so please make sure you prep and prepare your house before you send in an application and be ready for a puppy NOW! Willie Nelson is the darker of the two!!