Meet WILEE, a Toronto local looking for a furever home! This guy is a Rough Coated Collie Cross, is 8 months old, and currently weighs about 40lbs but is still growing! He has the solution to the world energy crisis and does not quit! He's very playful, cuddly, and athletic. He is in amazing shape and super fit. He follows the "first rule about cross fit is ALWAYS talk about cross fit". He loves finding ways to beef up, whether its food or activity related. He loves being outdoors and is a very curious pup. He is shy on a leash but otherwise very social and friendly. He has basic commands but needs some leash training and "squirrels are not toys" training. Adopters also need to note that he's going through the "moms shoes are the best toys" phase so will need to be baricaded from the goods or say goodbye (we warned you!)! A home that would compliment him would be one that enjoys a more active lifestyle, maybe a cottage for him to socialize/adventure or just someone that likes to adventure themsevles! He is learning his manners but shows no signs of aggression and should be good with cats and kids. Come meet him and throw a ball so we can finally tire this guy out! 

8 months l M l Toronto l Happy go lucky l Social butterfly