5 months l Chihuahua Mix l Texas l Ball of Energy l Great Spirit l Dog, Kid & Cat Social l Medical Needs: Hit by a car -Only uses 3 of her legs

THUMBELINA is our newest sweet sweet soul from Texas! She was hit by a car at an unknown period of time in her life and at this time does not use her back right leg. She was previously in a doggy wheelchair but prefers hopping around, using her other three legs. This adjustment also comes from her medical advances, as she has progressed with her leg while at a rescue prior to SOS. For anyone interested in adopting her, we will provide you with detailed information on her vetting, but at this time it is not recommended that she need surgery but she is asked to see the vet in 3 months to see her progress. Her future abilities are unknown. 

ANYWAYZ. This girl is super fun and excited about her second chance. She is a 6 month old ball of energy and is a Chihuahua mix! She is under 10lbs and is pocket sized! She loves meeting new friends and as a puppy.. hardly discriminates. Actually she does LOVE kids and is a little intimidated by cats (WHO ISNT AM I RIGHT?!). She is highly treat oriented and is learning basic commands. Her fosters are house training her which is showing to be a little difficult with her mobility issues. Patience is a must. She is also starting water therapy in her bathtub so someone who isn't afraid of getting a little wet to see her shine is very important. She has an amazing spirit and considers herself just like the other 5 chihuahua's at her fosters but also is chill being a little bit of a tripod (it's in this season). She loves to cuddle up to your neck and listen to your heart beat. She's a very special girl. If you're interested in adoption and would like to meet her, fill out an adoption application