5 l Patterdale Terrior/Whippet l Montreal l 50-60lbs l Independent l Dog & Kid Social l HATES cats l Crate & Potty Trained

Our good buddy TEAK is now available for adoption! She came in with a prior injury and had TPLO surgery. She is healing very nicely and should not have any issues with her leg in the future as long as she continues to chillllll during her recovery. She is a 5 year old Patterdale Terrior/Whippet (our best guess) from Montreal. She was found as a stray. She settled into foster care quite fabulously and has shown to be a great 'pet' the last few months. She has shown to have little energy but that is probably related to her pre-existing injury. She will probably gain energy as she starts to recognize that she can use her leg fully (YAY). She likes to go on hikes/walks. She is not very playful with other dogs and definitely prefers human attention. She's picky in that she will love and play with some dogs but snaps at others. She doesn't like dogs in her face and is better on leash in order to correct her. Her favourite thing in the world is cuddling. So move over boyfriend/girlfriend/kids/etc because TEAK is moving in and squishing in. She has basic manners but will need some training. She is prey driven and on walks will try to chase squirrels and pigeons. She is NOT cat friendly. She loves kids and has been found laying next to them in the park. She is currently being crated when left alone or else she will eat ALL the things and ALL the cats. She needs someone who is willing to TwEAK her little traits before they become permanent. She is being fostered in Toronto and is looking forward to meeting you. 

We would like to note that TEAK's vet bills have not been fully covered just yet. We are looking for any donations! It's truly amazing to have this girl on all fours but that does not come without a price!