Meet cho' boy STELLAN. This blue eyed beauty travelled from Montreal where he was on the kill list. Why you might ask?! We are still wondering ourselves. He is a 9 month old German Shepherd mix. He weighs in at about 60-70lbs and is a large breed love bug who's looking to cuddle. He has medium to high energy depending on the situation, being that he is completely satisfied being a Netflix loving pooch but will also retrieve a ball 10x more than you want to throw it. He definitely enjoys activity at least for some portion of the day whether it is having a few good walks, playing fetch or running around with doggy friends. He is cat and dog friendly! He is also kid friendly but at times does not recognize his size/ strength so older kids are better suited. He is awesome in that he is super-easy going, letting any human or animal get away with anything. He's a big baby that is looking to learn and hopefully go to some doggy classes so that he can understand himself and those around him a little better-- being the big kid that he is. He has a bit of separation anxiety (will whine for short periods) but is great being crated. If crating is not your thang he is also good after the initial thought of "OMGOSH YOU LEFT?! WHY DIDN'T YOU TAKE ME?!" and will just chill out.