8 months l F l 40lbs and growing | Lab Mix l Puppylike & Playful l Moderate-High Energy l Loves Everything (Dogs, people, kids, cats so/so) l Needs Training 

SPINELLI is a gorgeous new scruff made from black silk woven by the gods. She is lively, curious, and friendly. This 8 month-old Lab mix just arrived from Montreal! She loves getting up in your business and sniffin' around but will also settle in her bed if bribed with a good rawhide, and she'll snuggle all through the night. Because she is very much still a baby, she needs lots of stimulation and attention and has lots of energy. She can be a bit of a hoover (so watch your shoes and bits of things on the floor) but she is very smart and with the proper guidance will have basic commands down in no time. Within a week, she learned how to sit, lay down, stay, fetch, and give paw, and is working on leash training. She will pull if she sees a cat or a squirrel, and is still learning that her leash is not a chew toy, but she gets better every day. She LOVES meeting new people and although looks strong and tough she would definitely get fired if she ever tried being a bouncer or security guard. She is basically no bark and no bite. Not even when someones at the door. She also loves meeting dogs, and kids, and is fine in the car. Because she is a lean and athletic dog that is still growing. She would benefit from having lots of space and a yard to explore (no condolife for this lady) and it would be extra awesome if she found a home with another dog to play with, but not mandatory! Keep in mind that she is very puppylike and will need support to learn she is a bowling bowl when it comes to kids.