Sophie has spent some time in rehabilitation training and is ready for foster care or potentially a foster to adopt situation. Sophie needs basic obedience, help with potty training, and socialization with other dogs. She has pretty low energy level and only requires about 15-30 minutes of walks per day! Most important things are that you give her the same respect that you would give any dog, treat her like a dog, not an accessory, understand that her reactions to dogs have stemmed from fear, not aggression, that she needs mental stimulation and physical exercise, she actually does well with social, non reactive dogs, she knows a few tricks and will gladly learn anything for some food. She's had a very unstable life so she will take time to build a confident trusting relationship with someone. Also, she doesn't handle stress and change that well so she will likely take a few steps back when she moves so her new handler needs to be prepared to help guide her as her adjustment period is about 1 week. It's like she forgets everything she's learned and reverts back to her old behaviour so it's very very important to stay super consistent with her schedule after any big change and give her time to adjust. If you get frustrated/ upset she will not do well, she is very sensitive.

If you think you have the experience to help SOPHIE to continue to build confidence, please email

If you can't bring her into your home, consider donating to her training costs that total $2100