SIMON & GARFUNKEL (foster to adopt)


12 l M | Miniature Schnauzers l 15lbs l Not Shy l No dogs, cat or children l VERY Human Friendly | Barkers l AFFECTIONATE

For anyone looking for company, SIMON & GARFUNKEL make great companions! These boys are both 12 years old and are bonded together because they are BESTIES FOR LIFE -- taking that expression VERY seriously. The boys are definitely your cuddle/lap dogs, if that is what you are looking for. Live alone? They will bring the party! And by that we mean lots of naps between your legs. They are fine home alone and will stay in their crate and not make a peep. They do although get excited for walks and will bark. They may also bark at random noises, and bark at other dogs on walks. They are great at home, boring, human friendly dogs. Simon, the more dominant guy is not dog friendly and will bark excessively until GARF chimes in. They are actually better on walks separately, or do best in a rural backyard! They really don't need much time out and about other than doing their business! They are not cat or kid friendly! They are pretty low key and are looking for a home that will fit their energy. Make some new friends by filling out an application.