SAGE is a new arrival from Egypt. Yup, Egypt. She is a Baladi -- an Egyptian mutt. She is about 1 year, weighs about 30lbs and is very high energy! She was kicked out of her home when her then family decided they wanted a new dog. She was found as children were beating and kicking her, defenceless. She was then again adopted but when checked on by her rescuer, was found to be in HORRIBLE conditions. She is now here in Toronto looking for a safe furever home. SAGE has had no training and no consistency in her first year of life, let alone been treated in any humane fashion. She was wasn't taught as a puppy the appropriate behaviours which has led her to be very puppylike but in a stronger, more mature body. She is nippy and jumps up a lot and gets overly excited over everything. She loves everything but has not been shown how to show this appropriately. She has good intentions but needs someone who can give her consistent corrections. She is not cat friendly and until trained cannot be in a home with children. She is good on a short leash and enjoys being active. Once calmed, she is very sweet and a major cuddler. She needs someone dedicated to her. Someone willing to put the work in so that her best elements can shine through. She's a lost girl looking for love and affection, something that has historically been confusing for her.