M | 10 yrs | poodle | 13lbs | California | 
acts like any retired fellow | kind of a cat, yes | gets along with dogs and kids

I hope every one of you 16 million who have ever emailed us asking if we have any hypoallergenic dogs are listening. WE GOT YOU! THIS WAS ALL FOR YOU! Meet RUFFLES. Weighing 13lbs, this 10 year old Los Angeles native is up for adoption! This Poodle is a sweetheart and not to mention our first! He is SO low maintenance that we often forget where he is. JK.. that would be completely irresponsible........... anyways. RUFFLES is low energy, housetrained, and all around very well behaved! RUFFLES acts like any retired fellow, reading the newspaper in the morning and cleaning the driveway all day long even when it isn't dirty. Okay, I'm sorry, this is not true at all but has always been an observation of mine. BUT he would LOVE to be a part of tasks like this in his perfect furever home. He wants to be with you as a companion dog. Sitting at your feet during morning routines and sitting with you while you check off your to-dos. If you can't tell -- he's not going to be your active, jogging dog that can't sit still. He's kind of a cat, yes. That is a perfect way to describe him. Adopt this cat!! He gets along with dogs and kids!