Rachel Green

We may not have a Ross but we certainly have a RACHEL GREEN! RACHEL just arrived from Texas! She is a Redbone Coonhound mix, about 2 years old and weighing 45lbs! She has low-medium energy but is not fully settled. She is still adjusting from her travel -- being a bit timid and getting spooked easily. She is very friendly to humans, dogs and cats but needs to be introduced slowly. She is a good walker but frightened of sounds and strangers. She wants to be friends with everyone -- just on her own time. She is great at sharing, playing nicely and mostly enjoys napping! She really likes cheese but who doesn't. She LOVES sleeping, especially in a doggy bed of her own. She'll need some help coming out of her shell and would benefit from a gentle but assertive owner she can trust (so basically anyone who gives her cheese). RACHEL is a runner and is required to stay on leash. She is being fostered in Toronto but an adopter in a quieter area may be nice for her!