So this puppy is up for adoption.. I don't think anyone wants it though right? Cute or nah? 

Just in time for summer (2 months late) meet POPSICLE. This chocolate lab/husky mix just arrived from Northern Quebec and may be the cutest thing we've seen since we posted our last dog. This guy is 5 months old and sure acts like it. He is in complete puppy mode, ready for some training! He likes to chewbut only on your favourite things, and also needs help with potty training. He is very sweet, happy and is learning on the regular. He loves meeting new friends whether it's humans or doggies -- although he is a little timid of big dogs at the moment ("why are you so big and I am so small?!"). He has high energy spurts but also needs about 5 good naps a day to re-energize. POPSICLE would love a home where there is lots of room for him to grow and play. He will be a full sized lab in no time! He LOVES adventures, exercise, running and being outside. A backyard for him to run around in and lots of walks will be extra awesome for this little guy! He is pretty adaptable at this moment in time but will need a home where there is someone available to attend to his puppy needs! If that is you, fill out an adoption application on our website! Act fast cause like, who doesn't love a good POPSICLE?!