Meet PIGGY! This little Bichon Frise is 4 years old and just arrived from Quebec! He fits his name by being very interested in food and also having low/medium energy. He's definitely an inside dog and likes to spend most of his time lounging around the house as an observer. He does benefit from some outdoor time and currently plays for about 15 mins in his fosters backyard but is then tired and ready for a nap (sounds like the life). He needs some help not pulling on the leash, as he is excited, curious and nervous when out in the world! He is still a little unsure of his surrounds and will need some time to build confidence. He loves meeting new doggy friends and is very happy to kiss noses when passing by pups on walks! He is very cuddly once he feels safe with you but does need some initial warming up. He is unsure about kids and although has built a great connection with his fosters daughter, he is unsure of kids he meets on walks, at the beach, etc. He reacts differently in different situations and because of that may be best in a home without kids. He is being fostered in Toronto and would love to be your next apartment dog! He is up for ADOPTION and is ready to meet some loving families! Oh, and did I mention he is hypoallergenic? To get your chance to meet him, put in an application for PIGGY