4 l Chinese Crested/Maltese Mix l Montreal l Independent/Chill l Catlike l Okay with Dogs l Likely Cat/Kid Social l Tedx Celebrity

K seriously, good story. PICKLES is actin' all shy since being in foster, she'll 'nervous pee' if you approach her quickly or in other situations when she feels overwhelmed. WELL.. a mix-up between mommy and daddy foster happened, leaving daddy foster to pick her up on his way to a dress rehearsal for TEDx. So they arrive and this nervous girl was flipping out excited. She was running around meeting everyone and even ran onto the stage during another talk... but she just sat there. Just had her moment of fandom. The guy presenting even came over and gave her a pet DURING his speech and she's all 'yeah whatever this is normal for me". So yeah she kind of has a me complex now and things she's hot shit. K kidding but that's kind of hilarious.

PICKLES is a 4 year old Chinese Crested/Maltese mix! She graces our presences from Montreal and has settled in amazingly, in such a fabulous TEDx kind of way. Toronto is all she thought it would be. HA. She is shy/timid but in .3 seconds will be all over you. She is pretty independent and is compared to being cat like. She likes to lay by herself and will come to you if she wants affection. Definitely an apartment dog but is also great outside and very curious on walks. She likes to play with other dogs on her own terms but otherwise is kind of 'meh' about dogs. She would probably be more of a cat person with the whole independent teenage thing she has going on. She's pretty chill and easy going. She plays hard to get and will have you chasing her cause she is just so cute! Come meet her after you fill out an application.