After just about a week in foster, PICASSO settled in and absolutely MASTERED Toronto living. He is no longer a fearful/nervous pup and will happily follow you anywhere you'll take him! He has the sweetest disposition and is just a happy-go-lucky kinda guy! He's a great buddy for someone looking to just have someone there -- walks, beach, romantic comedies on the couch. You name it. He is very calm and has a medium energy level. He never gets overly excited, even when being first introduced. He never looses his cool and is very friendly towards other mutts! He is still learning how to play but happily sniffs. He enjoys long-walks but doesn't have a high endurance level for high-level activity. He does enjoy the odd squirrel, chipmunk, etc. so may be best in a home with no cats. PICASSO is 3 years old and a Rotweiller mix! If you're looking for a chill dude that looks totally badass with half a ear, fill out an application.