pepper pots

1 l F l Maltese Mix l Serbia l Medium-High Energy l Dog Friendly l Doesn't love cats | Not kid tested 

Anyone looking for a new mop? Meet PEPPER POTTS! This one year-old Maltese mix is a fiery ball of energy straight from Serbia! She is extremely friendly towards all people and dogs, and is slowly getting used to living with cats. She is great on a leash and loves to strut her stuff around Toronto, turning as many heads as possible, and pretty much never tires out. PEPPER is still working on her house training, but she is a very smart little lady and quick to pick up signals. She occasionally accepts treats for her good behaviour, but generally prefers frequent belly rubs and kisses. She loves to welcome you home with a little song and dance (seriously). PEPPER POTS hobbies include chasing squirrels, independent films, and romantic strolls in the city. She is just a tiny gal, and can make do with a smaller space, as long as she has some time to explore the wondrous outdoors each day. And of course PEPPER POTTS loves to snuggle up to you as much as possible. She is being fostered in Toronto!