What kind of girl you like?
I know my looks can be deceivin'
Tell me I'm your type 
My main goal is to please you...

My love is like...wo
My kiss is like... wo
My touch is like..wo

That's little CINCO DE MYA! Though she doesn't do much singing, or make any noise at all, she just silently adores you and waits to be loved. She's completely house broken, crate-trained, and exceptionally clever. MYA might be a Pointer mix (tell-tale paw lift when she's caught a scent) but she looks more like a Meer Cat bred with a Dalmation. There's a chance she has some Mexican Hairless mix in her as well, with her smooth pink spotted belly. She could do well in any apartment, but does love a good roll in the grass. She walks on leash like an angel and even when she met a Boerboel (HUGE Mastiff) was very polite and made friends quickly! MYA has low to medium energy level and just wants you as close as possible. She has not been cat tested but will likely suit a home with some crawling around. She is startled easily and may be best in a home without children. She also prefers drinking out of human glasses rather than a dog dish (I kid you not) so be prepared to have a couple sips stolen. If you love CINCO DE MYA, you just HAVE to fill out an application for this Mexican cutie.