UMMM SORRY IS THIS PUPPY SMILING?! MUPPET is up for adoption! This Egyptian Baladi is 5 months old and pretty friggin adorable. She has high energy but also cools down for lots and lots and lots (x234) cuddles!! She will lay on top of you until you force her to move. Being a puppy and recent rescue, she will need help with training! She craves human attention which is beneficial to her learning. She has already been crate trained after 3 days, and although doesn't love getting in one, does not make a sound once inside! She will need help being housetrained and learning basic manners and commands. She very social and loves meeting new people and other animals. She's nice/friendly to ALL the things! She might show initial nervousness but warms up FAST! She loves the beach and is a total swimmer! She loves when someone will play with her and also enjoys toys! She runs, jumps and prances for affection and will light up any room. She is being fostered in Toronto. If you're having a hard time resisting her this cute polka-dot girl, fill out an adoption application