Okay, we know you love seniors.. but do you like PUPPIES!!??!? Okay everyone, please calm down. 

Meet MISU. This little man arrived recently with his sister from INDIA. Yes, you heard right. SOS is making history by bringing in their first dogs from INDIA (standing applause unnecessary but thank you anyways - please be seated) This five month old 'Desi' is well.. a puppy. He likes to cuddle (duh), and chill (duh.. and play (also duh.) Oh he also has lots of energy.. duh. MISU is still getting used to Toronto - he is warming up to the city noises and learning how to depend on humans. He does suffer from some separation anxiety and isn't the best at sharing YET, but he is making progress. He will need an owner who won't give into his adorable puppy eyes and will offer him guidance and routine, while patiently opening him up to the wonderful world full of new and not so scary but maybe scary things. Are you ready for some MISU?

M | 5months | India | timid&insecure | cuddler